Different Ways of Preparing A Good Kedgeree Meal

If you ask the experienced chefs working in top restaurants in Kelowna, they can easily tell you that the Kedgeree is a noble breakfast dish of an Anglo-Indian culinary dish. It has its roots in the Khichri, which is a dish of spiced pulses that are mixed with rice.   Plain This includes a plainer […]


The Pros Of Dining Out As A Family

There are many pros of dining out. One obvious benefit is the fact that it is a guaranteed fast way to get your meal served especially when you have no time to cook. When you have considered this option, you do not even need to push the effort to learn how to cook too. Apart […]


What Are The Types Of Cuisines Served In The Kelowna Restaurants?

Kelowna is one of the popular tourist destinations in the whole of British Columbia in Canada. Its picturesque landscape and world-renowned structures make it indeed one of the most sought-after spots in the region. Apart from various tourist destinations, though, many are fascinated when it comes to including Kelowna in their BC itinerary simply because […]


Want To Know About The Popular Desserts In Asian Cuisine?

A meal is never complete without finishing it up with a dessert to satisfy your cravings. This is true not just for one particular region in the world but all over. In Asia alone, a wide array of desserts is being offered for every person with a sweet tooth. Want to know about which ones […]


Getting Indian Food Catering For Events

The Indian culture is making its way into our corridors more and more by the day. The emergence of Indian cuisine into the global dining spotlight is not surprising at all. This is because the dishes can easily impress any individual who is into exotic entrees. The spicy nature of Indian dishes was expected to […]


Do You Know What You Are Ordering In That Indian Restaurant?

Getting into any Indian restaurant, you will never fail to be welcomed by the spices and the scent of exoticness. You obviously want to get a piece of the tasty treats in that trendy looking Indian restaurant. The problem comes when you do not know what you want. I don’t mean the “spoilt for choice” […]


How To Enjoy Indian Food Like A Health Guru

Indian food has slowly become a craze among many destinations around the world. It might not be as ubiquitous as other popular takeout cuisines but Indian food is worth every penny that you spend. Its spicy approach is what seems to make everyone fall in love with it. This South Asian cuisine is slowly encroaching […]


Want To Be A MasterChef In Indian Cooking?

Indian cooking is not as easy as it sounds. However, you really need to learn the right skills in order to bring an extra ordinary taste in your dishes. If you are a beginner in this field, then you really have a long way to go. You will surely learn how to master your skills […]


Top Utensils You Will Need For Indian Cuisine

If you are fond of cooking and look forward to try new dishes every time, you would certainly agree that having the right of utensils in home is highly important. You certainly cannot play around with your cooking skills if you do not have the right utensils with you. This is especially true for cooking […]


Beat The Heat With The Most Popular Indian Summer Drinks!

As summer is around the corner, you must be thinking of different ways to beat the scorching heat of sun. It is really important that you keep yourself well hydrated in hot weather. The best thing to do in this regard is to increase the intake of fresh juices and other sherbets. Since Indian cuisine […]


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