12 Popular Indian Sweet Dishes You Need to Try

Sweet dishes are an integral part of Indian cuisine. They are enjoyed with and after the meals and are also the most important delicacies prepared during Indian festivals. If you have a sweet tooth, then you should try Indian desserts before you die.

The following are 12 popular Indian sweet dishes that you need to put in your ‘food to try’ list:


  1. Gulab Jamun –

It is ball-shaped and is made of khoya. The khoya is deep-fried and then dipped in sugar syrup before it is served. Most of the people add rose water and saffron to the sweet syrup to make it even tastier. Try it once if you have not tried it yet. You will fall in love with it! Even if you are a person who doesn’t like to eat sweets, you will not regret eating it.


  1. Kheer –

Kheer is made of milk and rice and is one of the most loved Indian sweet dishes. Rice is boiled with milk and sugar. Later, when it is well cooked, Kheer is garnished with cardamom, saffron, and dry fruits. In South India, vermicelli is used instead of rice and is popularly known by the name seviyan.


  1. Gajar ka halwa –

It became popular in Indian during the Mughal period. It is made of grated carrots which are boiled in milk and cardamom. It is then garnished with dry fruits. This dessert is commonly served in India during traditional festivals.


  1. Rasgulla –

It is made of chenna and is spherical. The spherical dumplings are soaked in sugar syrup till the sweet juice infiltrate them. It is popular in West Bengal and Odisha.


  1. Jalebi –

It is the favorite sweet dish of Indians and tastes best when served hot. It is also made by deep-frying the flour and is then dipped in sugar syrup later, just like Gulab Jamun. It is hook-shaped and an irresistible Indian sweet dish. You can find different versions of jalebi in Turkey and Iran.


  1. Ras Malai –

Ras means juice, and Malai means cream. The creamy dough that ras malai contains is made of Indian cottage cheese. It is then dipped in thick sweetened milk.


  1. Malpua –

Pancake like dessert, malpua is a famous dish of Odisha. The batter for malpua is generally made of semolina and flour but can vary from region to region. After deep-frying on the pan, it is dipped in sugar syrup. Before serving, rabri can be used for its topping.


  1. Peda –

Indian pedas are very famous and found in holy city Mathura. In almost every part of India, it is offered to God. Sugar and milk are the two main ingredients of Peda. It tastes amazing if garnished with pistachios.


  1. Soan Papdi –

Having a flaky texture, soan papdi mixes in your mouth like cotton candy. The key ingredient of this dish is gram flour. Its preparation process is quite elaborative.


  1. Ghevar –

It is prepared and distributed during the festival of Teej. This delicacy originated in the state of Rajasthan


  1. Phirni –

This delicious delicacy is made of rice and milk and is garnished with nuts and fruits. It is prepared during the month of Ramzan.


  1. Kulfi –

The Indian version of ice cream is named kulfi. It is adopted from Persian cuisine. It is also discussed in the literature of the Mughal period. To enhance the flavor, pistachios and saffron are added to the kulfi.