4 Amazing Tips to Eat Healthy at an Indian Restaurant

It is a common notion that Indian food is not healthy like other traditional cuisines and should be avoided at all costs, especially if you are planning to shed those extra kilos. Undoubtedly, most of the Indian dishes are cooked in clarified butter or highly processed oils; which can affect your diet but considering Indian food as unhealthy is not justified.

In fact, Indian food contains some really nutritious supplements that no other cuisine in the world has. The aromatic spices, wholesome legumes, invigorating lentils, and mouth-watering curries – are something a food lover can die for!

Indian food has received so much love from people globally that some of the dishes have gained an eminent position in the food menus of the renowned restaurants abroad. So, if you are a new visitor to an Indian restaurant or having a face-off with Indian menu for the first time in your life, the following tips would help you in choosing the right kind of Indian food for you –

Start with an Appetizer

Nothing is as fresh and rejuvenating than starting your meal with a bowl of green vegetables served as a salad by most of the Indian restaurants out there. There are options to order a salad with or without dressing. For people who are diet conscious, it is better to avoid dressings as they are high in fat. And the foodies can savor every bit of those smooth and silky textured dressing toppings.

However, some restaurants do provide low-fat salad dressing as well. If so, give it a chance and ask for better alternatives to fatty dressing.

Turn Away from Soups

While a lot of people believe that nothing is as healthier than having soup, you should give a second thought to your choice when you are sitting in an Indian restaurant. The soups offered at Indian restaurants have high sodium content and should be avoided if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

You can opt for some stew instead which will fill you up and also stimulate your taste buds at the same time.

Avoid Fried Food at all Costs

A major part of Indian menus comprises of fried dishes. They are usually treated as snacks and served with tea in Indian culture. Some of the food items cherished by the Indian people are samosas, kachoris, and pakoras. There are also deep fried sweets that are high in fats and calories and can be detrimental for people on a strict diet schedule.

So when you are in an Indian restaurant, opt for grilled or steamed food instead which is delicious and nutritious as well.

Grab your Hand on Tandoori Items

An amazing alternative to fried dishes is the food which is roasted or over-grilled in a clay oven. There is a huge variety of delicacies that can be marinated in different spices and cooked in the ‘tandoori style’ like chicken tikka masala, chicken tandoori, paneer tikka, etc.

The dishes that get cooked in the oven get a smoky flavor and is very healthy at the same time.


Lastly, have a control on your urge to try on the sweet savories in the Indian menu and grab a glass of lassi (a drink made from yogurt or buttermilk) instead and have a great dine-out.