4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Indian Curry

If you are regular into cooking, then you might surely understand the value of every little ingredient used in your dish and how it can make or break its complete taste. To master any meal or cuisine, you ought to have the desired skills and precision.

However, despite all the mastery one gains in cooking, mistakes are bound to happen, and that’s okay. Even the best of the chefs have got few flaws. It is with your diligence and untiring practice you keep improvising and become capable of serving the best of the dishes, especially the Indian curries.

Indian curry is unimaginably versatile and is used in cooking a variety of dishes like kadhai chicken, butter chicken, chicken korma, etc. Consisting of two primary ingredients – onions and tomatoes, their right amount and cooking time can make any dish highly appetizing.

You will be amazed to know that the craze for curries is not only limited to Indian people. The love has spread like wildfire globally as well due to which they have been made as an essential part of the menu of Indian restaurants abroad.

Moreover, the best part is that Indian curries are not that challenging to cook. You only need to be alert enough to avoid these common mistakes –

#1: Don’t slice onions and tomatoes in big chunks

Chefs use onions and tomatoes for thickening the consistency of the curry, and if they aren’t chopped well or are diced into bigger than the required size, it can straightway impact the taste of the curry.

A curry tastes its best when the onions and tomatoes are sliced into the finest sizes. So, if you really want your curry to be thick and creamy, you have to pay attention to the way you prepare it.

#2: Don’t ignore the right sequence

If you want to make your dish aromatic and delicious, you have to follow the correct order of using the ingredients. You first have to start by putting oil in a pan, throwing in the whole spices (like cardamom, cloves, cumin, mustard seeds, black pepper, etc.) and then adding the onions.

Keep sorting the onions till they appear to be golden brown and then go ahead with adding of ground spices (like salt, ginger garlic powder, chili powder, etc.) and cook them at low to medium heat. Pay enough attention to this step as it will create a base for your curry.

#3: Don’t add garam masala at the beginning

Garam masala gives most of the flavor to your dish. It is basically a mixture of various other grounded spices that are used to provide a unique taste to the curry. It is highly aromatic and can instantly change the way your curry tastes.

However, the biggest mistake is when a chef adds garam masala either at the beginning or in the middle of the cooking. That destroys the delicate nature of the spices and does not give the desired flavoring to your dish. Instead, you should always add garam masala when you are entirely done with cooking the gravy.

#4: Don’t rush with cooking

Cooking needs patience, especially when it is Indian curry. Curries burst with flavors only when they are cooked at a simmer.

So, keep calm and never rush. Be gentle with the ingredients and never use very high flame for them, or else you will end up burning them and losing their essence completely.