A Beginners Guide to Indian Cuisine

Are you planning to explore Indian cuisine? Well, Indian cuisine is one of the greatest culinary adventures you will ever come across. All you have to do is be spontaneous to soak in all the impeccable food you are about to taste.

However, when you actually begin with sampling Indian cuisine, you feel confused. There are so many items on the menu that you are confused with your order or are outright afraid of trying something new. You obviously don’t want to waste your money by ordering something that is inedible.

This is where the beginner’s guides come to your rescue. For starters, you should order something that is representable and tasty as well. The guide throws light on dishes that are good for the first experience and is different enough to pique your interest in the future. It is always wise to not jump ahead the first time, Here are a few dishes that you must try when you are venturing out for your first Indian meal.


As delicious and buttery as it sounds, this is one of the classic Indian truck stop dishes. It is the best Indian dish on the entire planet. Butter chicken is the Indian’s way of life. It is cooked in a rich tomato gravy with a generous amount of butter. It is cooked till the chicken is fall-off-the-bone soft. Usually, people confuse butter chicken with chicken tikka masala; the difference is that tikka masala has more variety of flavors while Butter chicken tastes milder and has a sweeter gravy. Try the Indian way of life with lip-smacking butter chicken and roti.


Masala as you know Hindi means a blend of spices. Chana masala is one such blend of masalas with chickpeas. It is tangy, tomatoey, savory, spicy and not to mention delicious. The tomatoes make the dish so flavourful that you swoon and sop up every last lick of the gravy. You can pair it with Arabic pita bread or garlic naan. It will leave you craving for second serving for sure.


If you are looking for a healthy alternative of Indian food then Dal Makhni may just sound apt. It is a perfect dish and will surely be your comfort food. It is a butter black lentil and kidney bean dal and possibly the best Indian dish ever invented. This dish is prepared with the help of the slow cooking method. This is a classic vegetarian restaurant staple with lots of butter, cream, and clove- and black-pepper-heavy spice mixture—plus (sometimes) a little bit of jaggery, for sweetness. Dal Makhni tastes the best when you serve it with hot jeera rice and Pudina Parathas.


Another word for Biryani is love. No one can have enough of Biryani, the aroma and texture of the dish will leave you drooling. It may look like a pot of steamed rice from the outside due to lack of sauce. But the moment you taste it, you will savor for more as it is a surprise of tender meat that melts in your mouth, accentuating the mildly unctuous rice, with touches of all spices and cloves. You can never go wrong with biryani. So if you want to satisfy your Indian hunger pangs, make sure to order Biryani.

There is more to Indian culinary experience than the dishes mentioned above, it is just a primer that is designed to make you comfortable with the menu. Indian menu has a range of flavors, heat (meaning spiciness) and textures. Indian treats await your discovery. Enjoy!