A Guide to Ordering the Best Indian Food

If you’re curious about trying Indian food other than butter chicken and naan and have no idea what delicacy to put your faith into, hold on. We’ve got your back with our list of some of the best and most popular Indian dishes that you can gorge on without being clueless like an amateur.

Cross your heart, hope to die and get ready to savour the most luscious and flavourful dishes coming right away from the land of spices –


Gajar ka halwa is the most cliché winter dessert in India. It is a sweet dessert made from grated carrots, milk and sugar, sautéed in ghee (clarified butter). It is garnished with rich nuts like almonds, cashews or pistachios to add to the flavour and give a splendid aroma.


Malai kofta is a rich dish originating from the land of Punjab in India. The koftas are dumplings made of fried mashed potatoes and are served along with a thick gravy made with sautéed onions, tomatoes and cashews, among other spices. The dish is served with paneer and malai (cream) on top to add to the palatable flavour.


Biryani is the most desirous food item for any Indian. Made traditionally with the most favoured type of rice- basmati, the dish includes a number of spices and herbs like nutmeg, pepper, cloves, cardamom, bay leaves, ginger, mint, onion, cinnamon and garlic, among others.

There are also many variations in biryani. You can get non-vegetarian or a vegetarian biryani, depending upon your preference. While non-veg biryani usually contains chicken, veg-biryani is loaded with vegetables and layers of potatoes and yogurt. There also is another variation in biryani, which is sweet biryani. Food colouring and sugar is added into the rice and veggies are replaced with almonds, cashew-nuts and pistachios, cut into small pieces.


Believe us, if you haven’t tried a samosa yet, you’re missing some real delicacy out. Samosa is a fried evening snack made from wheat flour shaped into a cone, which is filled with mashed and spiced potato filling along with peas, cashew nuts, etc. They are served with sweet or spicy chutney. The crispy crust and spicy filling of the samosa will, without any doubt, tingle your tongue and make you want more.


Dal makhani is an Indian staple dish made from black lentils and red kidney beans. The beans are enriched with a good quantity of butter and cream and the dish is garnished with coriander leaves.

The dish is served with naan on the side, which is nothing but a flat, soft, leavened bread, baked in a tandoor oven. It’s unleavened counterpart is roti. Both can be eaten with the dal.