Avoid these 6 Mistakes When Eating at an Indian Restaurant

Everyone should experience new things every once in a while. And it is okay to make some mistakes while doing so. But what if those mistakes can be avoided? How about not making mistakes at all and come out as a veteran even if you are new to the game?

If you have never been to a local Indian restaurant before then you are missing out on some amazing food items that are sure to become your favorites. But when you visit there eventually, don’t fall into the trap of making these 6 common mistakes. Avoiding these will save you money, and also give you the opportunity to try something better. Here they are-

Skip the Buffet for Once

Many Indian restaurants that you have in your locality offer the all you can buffets. This is fine for the most part. But if you are really want to get the best experience and the blast of spices in your mouth then order individual dishes. They will fresher, and also spiced to your taste buds.

Not Sharing your Food

Gather some friends and hit the restaurant with full force. Going to an Indian restaurant all alone is like visiting a music festival with earplugs. You’ll be there but the fun is kept out. Indian food is about celebration and festivity so why cherish it selfishly? Spread it and share your food. Let them taste your favorites and give theirs a try.

There’s a Lot More Than Chicken

When people hear the words Indian food, various styles of chicken dressed in different flavors spring to the mind. But there’s a lot to discover in the Indian cuisine. The number of variations can be staggering. Indian has more than two dozen states and each state has dozens of special dishes. If you add it all up then you will get a taste treat that is unlike anything else.

Check the myriad of biryani and pulav options, have a look at the basic but mouth watering sabjibhaajis than can be prepared in endless combinations. And don’t get us started on the assortment of side dishes and desserts that you can enjoy. Be ready to spare the whole day to enjoy even a quarter of options available in the full Indian menu.

Not Playing with the Variations

Indian food is best enjoyed with random delights coming out of nowhere. Mix and match with the spices experiment with the colors, thickness textures and other varieties possible. Don’t just stick to the standard curries and lentil dishes. If you only tasted the south Indian curry till now then why not consider the north Indian one.

But we would agree with you, finding the right Indian restaurant offering which offers a good variety of food is difficult. That’s why we at Chutney Restaurant make sure to give you a taste treat that will not find somewhere else.

Not Getting Some Rice

If you truly want to experience the true spicy Indian flavors without looking like you were being tortured then you should not skip the rice. Soft and aromatic plain basmati rice paired with some hot chicken curry or spicy lentil is amazing. In some cases, if prepared nicely, it will feel much better than the old naan/roti and curry combo. It also softens and mixes the spices which allow you to taste the goodness without grilling your mouth.

Not Telling About Your Spice Tolerance

While the best Indian dishes are usually spicy in nature, it does not mean you will have to bear the pain and burning to enjoy it. Many people make the mistake of ordering without specifying how much spiciness they can tolerate. It’s simple to do, just tell the server to be gentle with the spices and you should be ready to go.