Different Types Of Parathas You Can Enjoy In An Indian Restaurant

Indian cuisine is becoming quite popular all over the world. Its unique aroma and taste makes it different from other cuisines. The food is appreciated by people of different cultures as well. Because of this reason a number of Indian restaurants have been opened in all parts of the world.

Indian food is incomplete without parathas. These flatbreads are prepared from the blend of lentils veggies, whole wheat flour and spices. They are filled with green veggies, mashed potatoes and at times with daal. If you are planning to visit any of the Indian restaurants in Kelowna, make sure you try any of the following parathas and delight your taste buds.

Cheese paratha

These parathas are ideal for your brunch. Whether they are filled with a small portion of mozzarella or processed cheese, these parathas will surely make your day. They are quite different from the conventional filled parathas. These are usually served with curd with chili or peppery chili sauce.

Vegetable parathas

These highly nutritious and mouth-watering parathas should be tried once at least. They are stuffed with green veggies and are shallow fried. This way, the richness of vegetables is maintained and you can enjoy the fresh veggies in every bite. While preparing the dough, some vegetables are sautéed and then assorted. Don’t forget to try these scrumptious parathas with mango pickle and you would surely lick your fingers.

Aloo paratha

This is one of the most popular and common parathas served in all Indian restaurants. This is usually served in breakfast with mint raita. The filling of this flatbread is spicy as roasted peanuts, mustard seeds and green chilies are its prime ingredients. If you love spicy food, you can also enjoy it with mango pickle.

Daal paratha

It is a delicious paratha that is prepared with a fine combination of whole wheat flour, protein rich lentil and spices. Have one paratha in your breakfast and it will keep you energized all day long. This is also served with chili pickle. It is quite similar to other parathas and only differs in its filling. The addition of cooked yellow gram lentil as a filling will surely take you to the ninth cloud.

Chili and paneer paratha

The prime ingredient for this paratha is Indian cottage cheese and spicy red chili sauce. You may be wondering that it would not be good for your colon system. If you are health conscious, you can have a small quantity of it. This is usually served with plain yoghurt so that it does not put pressure on your stomach.

Laccha dar paratha


The laccha dar paratha is a crispy multi-layer flat bread of Indian cuisine. It has a mouthwatering taste and is served in all Indian restaurants. These parathas are usually served in breakfast as people love to have a cup of tea with it and begin their day. These parathas are also served with mint chutney, pickle and omelet. It is very crunchy and you will surely get addicted to it once you try.

Gobi paratha

It is not less than a treat for the winter season. They are served hot with homemade curd along with pickles and curd. It is a very popular dish in India and is readily available in all Indian restaurants as well. It is prepare with grated cauliflower with several spices in the stuffing. Some people also add cottage cheese and mashed potatoes in the filling as well.

Halwa paratha

This paratha is a perfect dish for winters. The dough is prepared with milk, powdered sugar and wheat flour. Halwa is prepared separately that is used as a filling. Make sure you try this dish in a good Indian restaurant so that you can enjoy its taste to the maximum.

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