Famous Vegetable Dishes From India

India’s cuisine is highlighted by the use of spices in all of its recipes. That distinct taste makes it a most-sought after recipe in many homes even outside India. Whilst there are plenty of meats highlighted in Indian cuisine, you have to take note that vegetable dishes are also available for those of you who have dropped meats from your list of must eats. Here is a list of those vegetable dishes from India.

Aloo gobi

Aloo gobi is a perfect full vegetable meal since it is a combination of cauliflower and potatoes that has been blended with those Indian spices that you know. Both these vegetables are rich in starch and can be a great replacement for rice. This dish has different variations depending on the particular region in India where it is served but just the same, the name is still Aloo gobi for all regions.

Baingan bharta

Brinjals or eggplant is one staple in many vegetable dishes in India. For a great tasting meal that includes this vegetable, you can go for no less than Baingan bharta. This one is created after marinating the eggplant in spices and herbs then chargrilling it after. One thing you will surely love about this dish is the fact that it is simple to cook. This flavourful dish is definitely tasty and healthy.

Dal tadka

Dal Tadka

This is regarded as the most famous vegetable dish in India. It makes use of yellow lentils that are tempered using ghee. A few spices can be dashed into the dish to bring out a better taste to it. Dal tadka, to these days, remain to be Indian’s all-time favourite vegetable dish.

Jackfruit fry

Also known as kathal ki sabzi, jackfruit is considered one of those vegetable dishes that vegetarians will love. Jackfruit, as we know, is rich in dietary fibre making it a perfect choice for people who are in a diet too. The jackfruit fry dish is very easy to make except for the fact that you need to spend time peeling and cutting it.

Malai kofta

A dish that is mostly cooked during special occasions, malai kofta is one of those vegetable recipes that can be a perfect pair to Jeera rice. It makes use of tomato cream for its base sauce that makes it a great dip for breads or naans. Like Aloo gobi, it comes in a variety of versions including keleke kofte, lauki ke kofte and kathal ke kofte. Do not wait for any special occasion to create this dish. You can always prepare it for your usual meal.

Navaratan korma

This Indian vegetable dish is not just a vegetable dish since some of its ingredients come from various fruit variations. Well this still means that the dish is healthy in its entirety. In order to make this dish, you simply need to combine nine different types of fruits and vegetables (especially those that are in season). From there, mix it with yogurt and creamy sauce. You are allowed to be flexible in creating this dish since your choices include a bountiful of fruit and vegetable harvest.

Methi saag

If you are looking for a vegetable dish that is simple to prepare, you can create the methi saag. This nutritious recipe is a picture of India’s tradition since it makes use of fenugreek greens which have been part of many Indian vegetable dishes in the past. Some variations are called methi paratha and aloo methi.

There are yet other vegetable Indian dishes that you can create out of the variety of vegetables you have in your backyard. You can also try Indian restaurants in Kelowna without having to travel to India. We offer a wide array of the best Indian dishes in our menu!

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