How to Avoid Table Sins at Indian Restaurants

Indian food is known for its variety of flavours and spices. If you’re curious about trying the mouth watering, hot samosas or crispy aloo paranthas but are too conscious to be thinking way too much about eating them the right way, hang on and read our tips to avoid making table mistakes while dining at an Indian restaurant. Get ready to order some delicious Indian dishes and eat them like a pro, following the given tips below:



Any Indian would agree to the fact that the real flavours of any Indian food can only be tasted while eating with hands. Most Indian food is supposed to be eaten with hands and you do not have to be embarrassed about it. Do not try to awkwardly cut your naan or roti with a knife. Use those fingers to tear a piece of roti, scoop that sabzi in and chill.



One cliché mistake any non-indian makes to make a fool out of himself is by ordering a chai tea or naan bread. Chai literally means tea and naan means bread. So if you’re ordering a chai tea, you’re actually ordering a tea tea-which makes no sense and makes a great joke. So be careful while ordering your masala chai ‘tea’ next time!



You do not have to order a chicken tikka masala with naan because once your brown friend made you try that. Be open to exploring more than that. Indian food has a wide variety of scrumptious delicacies like pav bhaji, masala dosa, shahi paneer, et al., nothing to say of the sweet, mouth-watering desserts like gulab jamun, rasmalai, gajar ka halwa and kheer. Sure, chicken masala is the safest option but don’t stop yourself from trying something new. You’ll only regret missing out on the savoury taste it if you do.



The most inaccurate way of treating a chutney– which is a sweet and sour jam-relish kind of mixture, is to treat it like a dip. Chutney is not a dip like hummus! It can be associated more with ketchup or mustard, which are used to intensify the flavours of a dish. So forget dipping your naan in a bowl of chutney and eat it the right way instead by putting it on top of your rice with a spoon.



Do you casually eat the sugar-coated fennel seeds kept in pretty little bowls on your table before or during your meal?

You couldn’t have committed a greater sin. The sugary fennel seeds are meant to be eaten post dinner. The seeds acts as a mouth freshener, doing the job of mints, while also working as a digestive aid. So, repeat after us– no matter how tempting the sugary fennel seeds look, they are not meant to snack on.