How To Behave Yourself In An Indian Restaurant

The basic restaurant etiquette demands that one does simple things like being kind to the host and leaving a tip for your server. As a general rule, Indian restaurants in Kelowna aren’t as formal as other types of restaurants. The etiquette in Indian restaurants tends to differ if only a little from other restaurants. Here are some basic rules for dining in Indian restaurants in Kelowna.

If it’s not messy or wet, eat with your hands

Many Indian foods like naan bread can be eaten and enjoyed using the hands. The best technique when eating would be to break the bread, dip it in vegetable curry or chutney and eat it. It’s therefore okay to eat using your hands. The basic rule is that if it won’t make the food messy by eating with your hands, you can eat with your hands if you prefer. The reason behind this is that eating is a sensual act that one should enjoy using all the senses; tasting, smelling, touching, and looking.

Alcoholic drinks

Not many Indian restaurants serve alcoholic drinks. And even when they do serve alcohol, there is rarely any range of drinks one can choose from. The wine and dine culture is barely existent in India and this tradition is practiced in Indian restaurants in Kelowna. Rather than order for wine or alcohol, go dry and order something like mango lassi. There are still other refreshing alternatives when it comes to Indian dining.

Do not ask for pork or beef

Many Indians are either Muslims or Hindus. The Hindus consider cows as religious, animals and as such, cannot eat its meat. On the other hand, Muslims consider pigs to be filthy animals that shouldn’t be eaten. Due to the above reasons, Indian restaurants hardly serve any pork or beef products. In fact, some restaurateurs might get offended if one asks for pork or beef if they don’t find it on the menu. If you see it on the menu, it’s okay to ask for it.

It’s however important to understand that these meats are not really Indian specialties, so if you want meat in an Indian restaurant, consider lamb meat or chicken. It’s also important to understand that some Indian restaurants serve on vegetarian foods. Such will be marked vegetarian on the outside. Don’t ask for meat in a vegetarian restaurant as this is considered offensive.

The concept of Jutha

Jutha simply means that while eating, something came into contact with your mouth, saliva or plate. In other words, it refers to anything that came into contact with your saliva, directly or indirectly. Indian culture dictates that it is rude to offer someone your jutha unless they are close friends, a couple or close family. It’s therefore important to avoid this as you never know how other Indian diners will feel about it.

Paying your bill

In many instances, if an Indian invites to dine in a restaurant, it means that they are the host and as such they will take care of the bill. However, this is dependent on the nature of the invitation as well as the individual. Many Indians find it awkward to ask for money from friends or new acquaintances they invite to an Indian restaurant in Kelowna. Even when they do want money, Indians will only say no, at least once when offered money. It’s therefore important to ensure that you know whether they want to share the bill. If you invite an Indian to a restaurant, they will think that you are paying the bill.

All in all, basic etiquette in Indian restaurants in Kelowna is not that hard to grasp. The trick is learning a few basics facets of the Indian culture and you are good to go!

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