How To Order Vegan Food At An Indian Restaurant

Indian cuisine is known for its diverse and versatile options when it comes to choosing a meal. There is something for everyone’s taste and palate preferences. However, it might get a little complicated if you are looking for an Indian restaurant that offers a good selection of options when it comes to vegan meals. Vegan meals are difficult to come across in almost every cuisine, however, it is not impossible to search for one if you know how to navigate through the situation. Although it is true that most restaurants incline to cater to a vegetarian population rather than an exclusively vegan one, there are many Indian restaurants in the Kelowna district that are mindful of the vegan population as well. Coupled with the fact that the Indian cuisine is quite versatile and expansive in its scope, it becomes easier for vegans to switch over to this cuisine.

Enumerated below are some of the guidelines that you would have to keep in mind when you are ordering vegan food at an Indian restaurant.


Starters: The Soups And The Appetizers
Usually, you will find a dedicated space for the soups and the appetizers in an Indian menu which incorporate dishes that are either coated or fried in oil. If you have any doubts regarding the dishes that fall under this category, it is advised that you ask your server at an Indian restaurant about the kind of oil that is used for the preparation of the dish. If the oil happens to be peanut oil or sunflower oil, you can be assured of its state as a vegan meal. You could also look under the categories of vegetarian meals as several of them are prepared with ingredients that are not any byproducts of animals.

Ask For Modifications
Most Indian restaurants are extremely accommodating when it comes to serving their guests with vegetarian or vegan meals. If you are interested in trying out a dish that happens to be prepared with meat, you can always ask the chef to prepare it with a vegan counterpart, such as tofu. Indian restaurants are known for making dishes freshly as the order is placed, thereby, you would be an advantage for asking for a vegan version of the meal that you would like to try. For instance, if you are keen on trying out the famous chicken tikka masala dish from the Indian menu, you could ask your chef to prepare in the same this using vegan ingredients so that you could have a taste of this delectable meal.

Ask The Server
Indian restaurants have become more conscientious about the needs of their vegetarian and vegan guests. This is the reason why in most Indian restaurants you will find that the servers are up to date with the kind of dishes and meals that would go best with a vegetarian or a vegan diet. If you are in a quandary, it is recommended that you ask them for suggestions and tips regarding placing an order in an Indian restaurant.


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