Interesting Facts About Tandoori Chicken You Did Not Know About

First of all, you need to know what Tandoori chicken is before getting to know the facts. This popular dish of Asian origin is basically chicken marinated in yogurt. How stunning is that? You can just imagine the rush of flavors in your mouth. This is a very unique dish and you can enjoy this scrumptious meal in most Indian restaurants in Kelowna. Most chefs marinate it for an hour or so but there are those who marinate it overnight to make sure the flavor has seeped in perfectly. It is extremely tasty and it is definitely recommended for Kelowna residents. Other than being tasty, it also has a list of interesting facts that will introduce you to the Tandoori Chicken charm.

The health benefits will surprise you

As you may already know, yogurt is a very nutritional drink and is very healthy. It contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals including zinc, potassium and Vitamin B12. Did you know yogurt can give you the six pack you have also wanted? Now you know. For those people who desire to watch your weight, this is the dish for you. The combination of yogurt and chicken is health conscious and is also recommended for body builders.

It is seasoned in Tandoori masala

Other than the marinating in yogurt, the dish is seasoned using the Tandoori masala which complements the dish splendidly. It is made from the freshest, best and basic spices including onions, Kashmiri red chili powder ( to give it a red fiery color), garam masala, ginger, garlic or turmeric for an orange color. For the best outcome, it is mixed with a bit of lemon juice. This seasoning gives it a spicy and distinct flavor. For a really rich taste, the Tandoori Masala is prepared using fresh ingredients which are grounded with a pestle and mortar but there is a choice to use the pre-mixed brands available in groceries.

The Tandoori chicken is prepared in clay ovens

Did you know that the dish actually got the name from the clay oven which is the ‘Tandoori’? You may also bake it using a different oven but you are not guaranteed of the best flavor and outcome. This may not be as convenient for regular foodies. It is best to access a restaurant that uses a clay oven to prepare this dish. The tandoori is a traditional oven that cooks at really high temperatures. It is made out of clay (this is maybe a bit obvious) and shaped cylindrically or can be a metal oven. It is heated using charcoal or wood to add in a smoky flavor because it is burnt within the Tandoori.  This brings a great and harmonious mix in the flavor, bringing out an excellent outcome. The marinated chicken is skewed onto a skewer and put into the clay oven.

What course do you think it fits in?

Surprisingly, you may find it to be a bit weird, but it usually acts as an appetizer. We are usually served soups with croutons. This time you can try out the Tandoori chicken. Do not be so quick to cancel it out of your main course choices. It is also an amazing choice especially if you accompany it with some Pulao. It can also be accompanied with naan which is an Indian type of flatbread. Next time you are in the mood for spices, try it out and explore the magic splendor the dish has to offer.

All in all, spice lovers, hear ye! Hear ye! There is a dish in town and it has your name on it. Come on, people in Kelowna and feast on this magnificent masterpiece in your favorite Indian restaurant!