The Indian Dining Etiquettes – The 4 Things You Should Know

Food unites everyone. Just like love and good deeds, there are no boundaries to it. The aroma of a dish from a faraway country may be coming from your backyard. And similarly, the dish you thought was your area’s staple is now selling like hot cakes in some other part of the world. One such […]


Avoid these 6 Mistakes When Eating at an Indian Restaurant

Everyone should experience new things every once in a while. And it is okay to make some mistakes while doing so. But what if those mistakes can be avoided? How about not making mistakes at all and come out as a veteran even if you are new to the game? If you have never been […]


Interesting Reasons to Fall in Love with Indian Food and Spices

People all around the world love Indian cuisine because of its rich taste, aroma, and spices. Besides being healthy Indian food lingers all your taste buds with rich dishes that contain all of the 6 different taste which are sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. Here are we sharing a few more reason that […]


How to Make the Best Chicken Curry in your Kitchen

If the saying “Food is just isn’t a word but an emotion” is relevant then Chicken Curry is certainly the happiest emotion of all. Is your definition of comfort food is also chicken curry and rice? Then you will know the importance it holds among millions and millions of people. Whether it is butter chicken, […]


Interesting Facts About Tandoori Chicken You Did Not Know About

First of all, you need to know what Tandoori chicken is before getting to know the facts. This popular dish of Asian origin is basically chicken marinated in yogurt. How stunning is that? You can just imagine the rush of flavors in your mouth. This is a very unique dish and you can enjoy this […]


How Indian Cuisine Can Boost Your Appetite

Some people struggle with a lack of appetite. It might be caused by illness, habits and also mental ailments. Whatever the reason is, it is not good for your body. The human body needs enough ‘fuel’ for it to operate properly. If you are affected by this issue, try Indian food in Kelowna. Indian food […]


Lunch Indian Menu Options to Try In Kelowna

Residents in and around Kelowna, have you been looking for a place to that serves Indian Vegetarian lunch dishes? Have you had that crave for Indian food? Below listed out for you are some of the dishes served at the Indian restaurants near you. It has been said that ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch […]


Why Do Vegans Like Indian Cuisine?

Have you ever wondered why many vegans tend to consume a lot of Indian food? Well, most Indians are basically vegan by culture. Animals in India are sacred and meals are made there are beyond amazing. Their use of many different spices and vegetables in patterned harmony to create mouth-watering dishes (some of which you […]


How Will New Food Trends Affect Indian Cuisine?

The food scene is always hit by new and emerging trends that often change the way people dine and wine. The trends are sometimes too strange for words. But then again, some turn out to be perfect.  They come along with health-conscious practices or at the very least, pay homage to the farmers. So you […]


7 Savory Indian Soups To Keep You Warm During Winter

There’s nothing as comforting as a warm bowl of tasty soup to keep you warm during winter or in the evening after a long day at work or school. Unfortunately for many, soup always means stew. This does not have to be the case when it comes to Indian cuisine. You really need to visit […]


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