Different Types Of Parathas You Can Enjoy In An Indian Restaurant

Indian cuisine is becoming quite popular all over the world. Its unique aroma and taste makes it different from other cuisines. The food is appreciated by people of different cultures as well. Because of this reason a number of Indian restaurants have been opened in all parts of the world. Indian food is incomplete without […]


What You Should Know About Modern Indian Food

Indian cuisine is one of the most recognised cuisines in the whole world. Many people have already embraced the taste of dishes coming from India and with that, they get used to the usual taste. But with the ever-changing times, you cannot fail but ask how modern Indian food can be different from the tastes […]


Famous Vegetable Dishes From India

India’s cuisine is highlighted by the use of spices in all of its recipes. That distinct taste makes it a most-sought after recipe in many homes even outside India. Whilst there are plenty of meats highlighted in Indian cuisine, you have to take note that vegetable dishes are also available for those of you who […]


The Endless Uses Of Chutney

Chutney is a popular condiment in India. Many of those famous Indian dishes that you know have this tangy, sweet, spicy flavour in them. Despite its connection with India, there are many countries all over the world that have appreciated the existence of this ingredient. With that, you can see grocery stores stacking some chutney […]


Indian Cuisine: Common Stereotypes and Terms

With all its unfamiliar dishes, exotic ingredients and tongue-tingling flavors, Indian food can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. It is a complete world of taste as it uses a whole palette of flavors – sour, spicy, hot and sweet all at once – which increases the anticipation to eat. Indian cuisine is […]


Are You Enthralled By India’s Diverse Cuisine Features?

Most Indian foods are related on a large level through the use of spices as well as use of a wider variety of vegetables compared to any other cuisines. The eating habits of Indians are largely influenced by geography, weather, foreign influence as well as caste and religious restrictions. For instance, a lot of fish […]


How To Behave Yourself In An Indian Restaurant

The basic restaurant etiquette demands that one does simple things like being kind to the host and leaving a tip for your server. As a general rule, Indian restaurants in Kelowna aren’t as formal as other types of restaurants. The etiquette in Indian restaurants tends to differ if only a little from other restaurants. Here […]


Does Curcumin And Turmeric have Any Healthy Benefits?

Today, turmeric and curcumin are regarded as some of the most effective nutritional supplements. The various benefits they give to the brain and body make them an important aspect a healthy diet. From recent researches that have been conducted, evidence-based results show just how important they are. # Medicinal properties The reason curry is yellow […]


Save Time While Cooking Indian Food With These Tips!

Whether they have been ground to a paste, sliced thin or chopped fine, they are an important constituent of gravies and salads, and can be even used to complement many other types of vegetables used in Indian cuisine. You can prepare them in advance by chopping, slicing and grinding them, after which you can put […]


What Kinds Of Indian Food Can Help Lactating Mothers?

One of the top priorities of mothers who have just began breastfeeding is normally the flow and quantity of milk they produce. This is because in most cases, the newborn will take in the breast milk as his or her main diet. Consequently, it becomes necessary for lactating mothers to follow a healthy diet while […]


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