Save Time While Cooking Indian Food With These Tips!

Whether they have been ground to a paste, sliced thin or chopped fine, they are an important constituent of gravies and salads, and can be even used to complement many other types of vegetables used in Indian cuisine. You can prepare them in advance by chopping, slicing and grinding them, after which you can put them in labelled freezer bags. This way, when the need to use them in a certain recipes arises, they can be easily retrieved and used.

A.Garlic and ginger pastes

These are quite vital in Indian cooking. While you have the option of buying them, you can make them at home so that you are assured that they do not have any preservatives. You can either grind them to a paste or chop them, and thereafter store them in large bottles in the refrigerator. Thus, when preparing a dish that requires them as an ingredient, you can easily get them from the refrigerator from the labelled bottle and return them once done. This will help you reduce the time needed to prepare them when you need to cook a certain recipe.

B.Tomato puree

This usually tastes better when you make it at home. You can make them ahead of time by using a tablespoon to measure how much is required to fit in an ice-cube tray. After they have frozen, you can retrieve and store them in freezer bags to be used when the need arises.

C.Fresh herbs

Whether you opt for mint or coriander, they can be used to make chutney, which can be added as garnish or gravy on salads and dishes. Due to the popularity of the Indian and Asian foods, they can be found in very many stores, though they do not flourish in very season.

D.Browned onions

In majority of the Indian recipes, it is a requirement for onions to be browned. Therefore, it is necessary to have them prepared and stored in the fridge. You should prepare those that have been sliced and chopped to add variety to your cooking.

E.Basic gravy

Since most gravy dishes have some common ingredients, you should prepare and freeze them during your spare time. Thus, when the need to cook using gravy arises, you can easily use them and add any other ingredients that you may like.

F.Parathi/ Poori dough/ Chapati

Breads are a common accompaniment when taking Indian foods. It does not matter whether you take them alone or with your special filling or spread, you can prepare them ahead of time. Then, you can fill them with meat or veggies and make a roll to entice your taste buds. Consequently, they should be made from whole-wheat, which can last for three to four days.

By learning what dishes and ingredients you can prepare ahead of time, you can save a lot of time when you need to cook various Indian recipes. This means that if you have to entertain guests, you do not have to start cooking earlier than is necessary since you will have prepared all the ingredients. So the next time you are planning on cooking an Indian dish, be sure to have the above ingredients readily prepared!

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