The All-Time Famous Dishes Listed on Indian Menu

Food is the soul of India. With a trail of tremendously delicious dishes, the Indian cuisines have surpassed some of the best cuisines in the world. Beautiful aroma and that perfect blend of flavors make the Indian delicacies even more tempting.

With lesser complications involved in the cooking process, the Indian savories have been winning heart all over the world and also bagging meritorious position in the food menus of renowned international restaurants lately.

If you are visiting an Indian restaurant for the first time, here is what all you can expect there-


This dish hails from the southern part of India and is cherished by people across the world now. Dosa looks like a crispy pancake with the only difference is that the batter is wholesomely made of rice and lentils. The cooked batter is then filled with mashed potato and served with hot lentil sauce and cold coconut sauce.


One of the most famous dishes in India is Hyderabadi Biryani which is basically a famous rice dish. Basmati rice is mixed with several spices, saffron, vegetables, and chicken and cooked slowly in sealed pots or containers. It is cooked with many variants and savored across all parts of the country. Usually, it is a little on a spicy end but can be personalized as per one’s tastes.


These are the Indian breads served and eaten with main course dishes and curries. You may find them like a thick tortilla which may either be plain or flavored with garlic and other herbs. All you have to do it to tear apart these soft breads and use the pieces to scoop your food. These are the must-haves of any Indian restaurant menu and are very addictive and filling.


It is a yogurt-based condiment which is a perfect blend of taste and texture. It is served cool with other dishes and compliment all other spicy curries and biryani served on your plate. Different assortments are chopped and added to yogurt. You may find a delicious variation on the list, like – vegetable raita, carrot raita, mango mint raita, mint raita, onion-tomato raita, pineapple raita, etc.

Butter Chicken

There will be hardly any food lover on this Earth who may not have heard of this iconic Indian dish. Butter chicken is a Punjabi dish which is popular among non-vegetarians across the world. For this dish, chicken is marinated overnight in yogurt and other flavorsome mixtures. It is then cooked in thick creamy tomato gravy loaded with a lot of butter and spices.

Dal Makhni

This is a black lentil soup cooked with lots of butter, cream, and heavy spice mixture. Unlike other soups, this is a bit thick but soft like porridge. It is signature delicacy from Punjab where it actually translates into ‘buttered lentil stew’. A lot of cloves and black pepper is added along with some jaggery at times. Dal Makhni tastes exquisite when eaten with naan or a buttered roti and vinegar onions.