The Best Side Dishes That Go With Indian Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry is one of the trademark dishes of Indian cuisine. It has gone popular all over the world and is something that people from various places crave. People can easily cook their own Chicken Curry dishes by looking up various recipes in cookbooks and in the Internet. But nothing probably beats eating Chicken Curry that is served at an authentic Indian restaurant. And what is great with Chicken Curry is that it is a dish that can be enjoyed together with other Indian dishes. Here are some of the best side dishes to eat with Chicken Curry:

Nan bread

Nan bread is a great side dish for Chicken Curry and is available in a lot of varieties. The typical nan is made with a tandoor or a clay oven and has a very distinct taste. Nan can also feature strong flavors. There is garlic nan, potato nan, and palak paneer nan, a special nan bread stuffed with delicious home-made cheese and spinach. Nan has a chewy texture that is similar to that of pizzas. Its simple taste makes a perfect partner for the spicy Chicken Curry. Nan bread can even help cool the tongue and absorb the spiciness of chilli bits if ever Chicken Curry is a little bit too much for the taster.

Chapati bread


Chapati bread is unleavened flat bread that is also a perfect partner of Chicken Curry. It is usually made with a clay oven. Chapati is often bathed in ghee or butter and is often torn into bits before being eaten. It is sometimes used to scoop the Chicken Curry sauce along with other sauces. Chapati varieties come in various level of thickness. Sometimes, they are thins as tissue paper and there are times when they reach up to seven inches in diameter. Chapati is also sometimes stuffed with vegetables and is eaten by those who choose to have a no-meat diet.

Paratha bread

Paratha bread refers to multi-layered bread. Its flavor is usually mint. It is cooked by pan frying and is very popular in India most especially in its northern part. Sometimes, paratha is stuffed with different kinds of ingredients such as potatoes, leaf vegetables, and cheese. Paratha breads can appear in various shapes including triangle, circle, or even square. When eating parathas with Chicken Curry, most people roll the bread into a tube and then dip it with sauce. A perfect beverage for a curry-paratha tandem would be green tea. After all, some people also enjoy dipping their paratha breads in their tea.

Cucumber salad

Cucumber can cool the tongue and is perfect for a spicy and sometimes hot Chicken Curry. There is the Cucumber Salad, a favorite side dish in Indian cuisine. Basically, this kind of salad only has cucumber as its ingredient. But a lot of people love to add other ingredients like tomatoes and lettuce. The taste of curry sauce can be sufficient to make cucumber salad tasty but sometimes, people add sauces to their cucumber salads. Simple as it is, cucumber offers a lot of healthy benefits. For example, it is known to contain lariciresinol which can help fight cancer. It can also help regulate diabetes and high blood pressure.


Achar is also a great dish to be eaten alongside Chicken Curry. Achar is a common side dish that is composed of various spicy pickles. Pickles are an excellent source of probiotic cultures and studies have shown that their ingredients can benefit to good mental health. Aside from pickles, other ingredients are added as well. These include mango, lime, cauliflower, carrot, and palm heart among numerous others. They are made tastier by various Indian spices including chopped onions, turmeric, red chilli peppers, or red chilli powder. The vinegar content in achar can be beneficial in lowering sugar levels as well as make it easier for carbohydrates to be broken down. Thus, it is indeed a great side dish not only to Chicken Curry but also to other heavy Indian dishes.


A chutney refers to any Indian condiment made of a variety of spices, vegetables, and fruit. The spices that are commonly used for chutney include coriander, asafoetida, and fenugreek. The common fruits vegetables for a typical Indian chutney include mango, raisins, and onion. These are placed in vinegar or lemon juice for flavor. At the same time the vinegar or lemon juice also helps prolong the shelf life of the chutney. Numerous notable chutneys have become popular throughout the Indian region. There is tamarind chutney from Haryana, dried fish chutney from Odisha, and mint chutney from Punjab. Chutney is not only healthy but very affordable as well.

These are some examples of side orders that you can enjoy alongside the delectable Chicken Curry. If you want to experience delicious Chicken Curry with these amazing side orders, you can always visit Chutney Cuisine of India at Kelowna.