The Endless Uses Of Chutney

Chutney is a popular condiment in India. Many of those famous Indian dishes that you know have this tangy, sweet, spicy flavour in them. Despite its connection with India, there are many countries all over the world that have appreciated the existence of this ingredient. With that, you can see grocery stores stacking some chutney bottles on their racks. If you still do not have any idea about how you can use chutney for your meals, here are different ideas to help you with.

Use it to accompany curry dishes

Curry is one more ingredient that is popular in Indian cuisine. Many of the curry dishes popular in the country pair well with chutney. The combination of flavours in chutney highlights the flavour of the curry dish without overpowering that delicious taste that touches the palate.

Use it as an appetiser or as a dessert

Apart from being a great pair to curry dishes, chutney’s versatility extends to the fact that it can be used as a great addition to appetisers like side dishes. It blends well with cheese for a meal starter as well. And it really works as an appetiser since it can delight you to eat a full meal. If you feel like you do not need chutney as an appetiser however, you can use it in desserts.

Use it to create unique appetisers

Chutney is not just about the usual pairing it makes with your usual appetisers. You can experiment on it by using it to add flavour to cream cheese and baked brie. Served with crackers for these appetisers, you will surely have a delightful meal experience.

Use it as a dip for various dishes


Combine, pair and blend may be the best words to describe the uses of chutney in your everyday dishes. But wait there is more to its use than just those words. Yes, you can use it as a dip for grilled shrimp, tempura and even coconut. You will be surprised how the flavours play on your tongue with this use of chutney.

Pair it with various types of meat

You can take chutney a notch higher by pairing it with delectable meat pieces like ham. Since it has that sweet, tangy, spicy taste, it is never hard to pair it with smoked meats such as smoked turkey as well. If you think its versatility stops at that, then think again. You can use chutney to give those rich-flavoured meats like that of the lamb a balance in terms of flavour.

Use it to enjoy your salad

Part of chutney’s versatility is the fact that it can be combined with your vinaigrette recipe for your favourite salad. It is with no doubt that chutney adds more taste to the vinaigrette and acts as a good blend for the usual olive oil – balsamic oil combination. You can have it as an addition to anything from chicken salad to fruit salad.

All other uses of chutney

Chutney will always be a flavourful addition to many of those dishes that you are familiar with. Whether the dish is from India or not, there is always a delectable cuisine that will come out with the addition of chutney into it. Dab chutney on your grilled chicken dish or mix it with mayonnaise so that there is something you can spread over your sandwich. Pair it with natural sweet vegetables like onions and carrots too.

The chutney experience is certainly something to look forward to. Yes, you can give its various uses a try right in your own homes or choose to order food from Kelowna Indian food caterers like us. We make not just the best chutney-infused recipes but many other Indian dishes you indulge in!

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