What Kinds Of Indian Food Can Help Lactating Mothers?

One of the top priorities of mothers who have just began breastfeeding is normally the flow and quantity of milk they produce. This is because in most cases, the newborn will take in the breast milk as his or her main diet. Consequently, it becomes necessary for lactating mothers to follow a healthy diet while breastfeeding. By making a few changes to your diet, you can ensure the lactation period goes on well. Let’s explore which types of Indian food will lead to an increase in milk supply.

1.Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds which are at times referred to as saunf may be added to desserts, vegetarian recipes and dals which will assist in breastfeeding and also in maintaining the colic levels of the baby. These fennel seeds are known to be rich in vitamin C which also help in digestion. Alternatively, you can consume these seeds directly as mouth fresheners.

2.Cumin seeds

These are also known as jeera. When it comes to dealing with problems such as acidity and constipation, they are the best option. Additionally, they assist you in increasing the production of breast milk while at the same time acting as a good source of iron. They are known to be very good flavor enhancers in curries.

3.Fenugreek seeds

Otherwise known as methi, these seeds are rich in calcium, minerals, vitamins and iron, which are important in breast milk production and giving nutrients to the baby. Since the seeds are also diuretic, they should be consumed in small quantities to avoid frequent bathroom visits.

4.Black sesame seeds (til)

Not only are these seeds known to increase breast-milk, but they are also rich in calcium. They are best consumed by dropping snacks and chocolate bars in them.

5.Gourds and greens

Easily digestible veggies like beans, lauki and beat leaves are known for their role in increasing milk production during lactation. There are numerous ways you can add them to the diet.

6.Basil (tulsi)

These are rich in vitamin K and help in calming people down, which makes them good Indian foods for lactating mothers. They help in maintaining a healthy appetite and in bowel movement. They can be taken with tea to increase the milk supply.


Since they cook easily within minutes, you can add them to your diet during lactation because they are rich in fiber and calcium. Additionally, they help in controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and keeping the weight in check while increasing the production of milk.


Not only does it act as a lactogenic, but its various medicinal purposes make it an important addition to the diet for mothers and they can also be used as a flavoring ingredient.

9.Pulses (dals)

Since there are red and yellow dals, lactating mothers should pick the red dals because of their excellent source of protein and iron. They can be added to Rasam, sambar and many other South Indian dishes.


Spinach acts as a rich source of Vitamin K, A, folate, iron and calcium which makes it a favorite for breastfeeding mothers. Folic acid is very important for mothers during and post pregnancy. Those which are especially dark green contain phytoestrogens which help promote lactation.


Their richness in beta-carotene make them especially useful for babies. They can be taken with curry, a Halwa or salad.

By observing a good healthy diet, lactating mothers can ensure that their milk production is not affected while at the same time ensuring that they provide the required nutrients for their babies. Many types of Asian food in Kelowna, including Indian food as shown above, can help lactating mothers produce more milk. So proud mothers, go out and enjoy a good hearty Asian meal today!

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