Why Do Vegans Like Indian Cuisine?

Have you ever wondered why many vegans tend to consume a lot of Indian food? Well, most Indians are basically vegan by culture. Animals in India are sacred and meals are made there are beyond amazing. Their use of many different spices and vegetables in patterned harmony to create mouth-watering dishes (some of which you may actually need water). The spicy dishes of our Indian brothers and sisters are ideal for you and your family as you walk in the vegan way. It is amazing. You will experience great change in your bodies and health – and you might just discard your old diet for good!

Nutritional value

As we cook our food, because of our ignorance or our lack of guidance, we might cook food and end up altering the nutritive content of the dish and eat food thinking it is healthy enough for us. The truth is we are not; the food we eat most of the time has lost all nutrients. Indian food is prepared in a way that most nutrients are savored. They do this by using many different cooking methods. This also helps the dish retain its freshness. The food is more enjoyable and you will enjoy a healthier life.

Healthier choice


Traditional Indian food is usually made from fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch. Dishes made by Kelowna Indian food caterers are authentic and they use fresh ground spices to make the food tastier. Experienced Indian food chefs usually handpick ingredients and they have to carefully check each produce for freshness and quality before they cook their meals. They don’t believe in using dried spices since most of them lose their nutrients in the drying process.

Health benefits

Spices used to cook these dishes include green chilies, garlic, ginger, and one of the best being turmeric. These spices have medicinal properties. Turmeric has curcumin that prevents heart disease, fights off cancerous cells thus keeping you safe from it. It also helps prevent cholesterol build-up saving you from high blood pressure.

Healthy weight management

Majority of vegans are very careful about maintaining the right weight. Vegans when they follow a vegan plant-based diet makes it easy for them to shed some pounds, avoid obesity and maintain a healthy body weight.  A study published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine stated that following a vegetarian diet was more effective for weight loss. However, vegan diets were considered even better.

Help clear some ailments

Most spices used to prepare Indian dishes are believed to have medicinal value. A study carried out by the Indian Institute of Technology concluded that the ingredients used to prepare Indian meals, when combined, have the ability to boost the immune system therefore help the body fight infections and diseases faster. Many Indian food lovers have reported that they feel soothed after taking meals and some people believe that these dishes help to heal tummy trouble and clear sinuses.

Exotic taste

Indian food is one of the few cuisines in the world that has unique taste. The secret behind this is the fact that Indians mastered the use of herbs and spices and they carefully knew which spices to combine to bring out a unique taste. Vegans do not eat meat or any animal products and so, they really value food with natural good taste. Indian food for vegans never disappoints and leaves vegans coming for more each time.

In conclusion, Indian cuisine is an amazing type to explore especially if you are looking for a vegan friendly diet. The spices are used to work together for your benefit. It will awaken your taste buds and impact many aspects of your health including heart, liver and other parts.